Are you working through college? Have you spent years in the workforce before considering going back to school? If so, you may be closer to graduation than you think. Here are 3 ways to earn college credit from working:

1. Learning through your work

Have you taken on more responsibility through your work as the years progressed? Has the nature of your job become more specialized, requiring higher levels of knowledge and understanding within your field? If the answer is yes, then the education you had in the workplace can be applied towards your degree, especially if the job is in the field of your major.

2. Professional trainings and seminars

Did your job include attending seminars, trainings, and workshops to become better at what you do? If so, these trainings can count towards earning a degree.

3. Professional licenses and certifications

Did your job require you to earn a license or certification to perform? If so, the academic content of these programs can count towards earning your bachelors degree. You don’t have to start from square one going back to school.

If you’re going back to school with years of work experience under your belt, visit and learn how to turn your work experience into college credit.


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