It’s that time of year, and making the adjustment from summer to school is a learning curve in and of itself. This is especially the case for non-traditional students, and students returning from taking a gap year…or ten.

Before your first day of class, make sure you have all of your course materials. If possible, read over your syllabus and mark down deadlines in your planner. Only take on as many classes as you can handle successfully, and make sure you’ve alotted enough time for school, study, work, family, friends, and yourself.

It’s easy to overstretch yourself early on in the semester only to burn out halfway through. Be honest with yourself about your time management and learning style. Many schools have options for how to complete your degree, including distance learning, internship or work program options, and part-time study.

Before you go back to school, it’s important to know how close you are to completing your degree. Between school and work, you may actually be closer than you think. Visit to learn more.


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