Whether you’re looking into a completely online program or your school offers the option to take some classes online, before you jump in, think about whether or not this is the right option.

Online classes offer flexibility for students to learn from home and not miss class if they are sick or having a family crisis, or if you’re traveling. Paced courses that require virtual attendance and specific times are less flexible, but they still allow you to be anywhere on the planet so long as there’s internet and a device to access it on.

Do you learn better in person? Can you hold yourself accountable and disciplined to get the work done even if you’re not physically in class? Meeting virtual deadlines can be hard because the structure of a classroom demands face-to-face interaction and hard deadlines. However, sometimes it just takes adjusting to the virtual structure to get in the flow of the class and be successful.

Distance learning offers an accessible, affordable alternative for both students and the institutions that offer them. Make sure the institution is legitimate and accredited before signing up.


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