Every year, American college students spend thousands of dollars retaking classes that they’ve already taken in high school, community college, or at a different university just to get frustrated, and drop out.

Taking time off of school or transferring schools is common. If you took advanced classes in high school, or learned skills and knowledge through work experience, taking a class about the basics of what you already know can be frustrating, and very expensive. Meanwhile, FAFSA money only covers four years of college and the more semesters you take, the more you will have to pay back in student loans.

The solution is to make sure you don’t have to invest more time and money into learning what you already know.

Before you enroll in your fall semester courses, talk to an admissions adviser to see what college courses you have already completed will transfer. If you completed advanced courses in high school and took standardized tests such as IB or AP tests, you should be able to get college credit for your the work you have done.

If you learned through personal study or work experience, you can take CLEP exams, which are accepted at thousands of colleges and universities as credit equivalents to test out of introductory level course requirements. You can also contact us at TheCareerPeople.com to see if your work experience qualifies to be directly converted into college credit without having to pay for and take another test.

You may be closer to completing your degree than you think. In fact, you may have already earned it. Before you go back to school, contact us at TheCareerPeople.com for a free consultation.


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