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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get college credit for what I already know and earn an accredited degree?

Yes you can. There are hundreds of fully accredited colleges that do not require that you even step into the school to get a degree. Some are well known and advertise on television. They are also very expensive. There are much less expensive alternatives that most people do not know about. There are three US programs that allow you to test out of classes quickly and non-US programs that will assess your work experience in terms of university credit.

What “life experience” can I get credit for?

You can get credit for almost any college level learning that you have acquired in your life. This is not credit for life experience. This is credit for what you have learned in life. For example if you are a photography buff you may qualify for credit in a basic photography course. You can do this for almost any skill or hobby that is college level learning, such as scuba diving, accounting skills, drama experience, cooking, baking, creative writing, computer networking, and construction industry standards. Do you know Spanish, French or German? If so you can test out of 9 credits. Are you Microsoft Certified? Credit is often given for many of these certifications. Plus so much more. The list is almost endless.

Can I get credit for classes I took at other schools or in corporate training?

Yes you can. In fact, some schools will give you credit for almost any classes that you took at any regionally accredited school even if those classes were 10, 25, or 40 years ago. Many corporate training classes are allowed as well. Some people already have enough credits to earn a degree without even knowing it.

Are these real schools? Are these schools that I can use to get into graduate schools?

Yes. That is the point of this article. Make sure that you attend a REAL school. One that has accreditation and recognition that will never be questioned, that will never be embarrassing that will always be accepted by employers and universities.

Is there a limit to the number of credits I can transfer in? What happens if I have enough credits to equal a degree but I do not have a degree?

There are schools that have no limit to the number of credits that they will accept from other colleges, as long as they are from regionally accredited schools, foreign schools that are equivalent to a regionally accredited school, corporate programs that have been reviewed for acceptance and standardized exams. Of course, the courses must apply to the program you enroll in. There have been students who have enrolled and been issued a degree immediately based on what they had already completed. Others have taken exams to complete the requirements.

No one I know has ever heard of this. Not even the counselors at my local college. Is this new?

While more and more colleges are now offering online programs where you do not have to ever enter a classroom, there have been State Universities offering credit for what you already know for over 30 years. It is the best kept secret in education!

I don’t want to test out of everything. I want to take classes but I only want to work from home – or even a hotel room when I travel. Is this possible?

Yes. There are many excellent programs that can be done entirely from home. Even the exams are taken online.

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