“Can you in fact obtain a degree by life experience?”

Unlike furthermost questions about academics there is a humble one word response for this question which is a basic NO. Any student who says that you can get a degree by experience is trying to vend a worthless piece of paper to you which will not be supportive for your life. Receiving a degree is stress-free currently, but it cannot assure a decent life for you, but it’s just an instrument to pursue for occupation.

But it’s likely to obtain college credit and obtain degree depending on what you have been educated at workplace, by self-governing analyses or study, life events, experience learnt from pastimes, life events, charitable work etc. with aid of exams like DANTES and CLEP and also done by assessment of earlier learning (APL).

Mature learners with work knowledge often by this time know what learners usually acquire at colleges, having added experience external to the classroom. Countless accredited universities in the United States and all the way by the world provide credit when a student is able to show that they are knowledgeable of something, which is corresponding and valued as a course. In United States, “portfolio” is used to evaluate preceding learning when affiliated to college degrees. Portfolios are deliberated to provide a course portrayal at college level from any college within United States. Hence portfolios are measured as essential by some universities as indication to demonstrate that someone has acquired experience, which is equivalent to a college degree. In other institutions confirmation of work knowledge can meet their standards for college credit.

In all cases, the experience, which is obtained by knowledge at workplace, is matched with experience that is required to finish a course and obtain a degree based on mutual standard. With portfolios, this is clarified by a real life specimen of a student who elucidates what they have done in their life that comprises evidence to back the experience, which they have obtained authenticating that it is corresponding to experience obtained by classroom exercise.

Because the procedure of evaluating portfolios put away lot of time and countless learners are pointed for diverse alternate methods to display their abilities and experience, which they ponder to be corresponding to degree attained from a University. For the furthermost part only universities existent outside United States which are completely accredited are providing credit by APL (Assessing of Prior Learning), with and without requisite for submission of portfolios.

Though this can save lot of stretches for learners, the result is in fact similar and student is competent to get credit for learning outside classroom by examination, work knowledge, hobbies, charitable activities or life events. Global University of Panama is one such university, which offers credit to learners for outside classroom education.