Yes, you do. While the rising cost of college has left us all wondering whether a bachelors degree is still worth the investment, more jobs now require a bachelors degree as a minimum qualification, and workers with bachelors degrees still earn significantly more annually than their coworkers without one.

While the prospect of going into debt over a degree when you could just work now is daunting, there are some measures you can take to cut down on the amount of time and money you need to invest to earn this degree.

Many colleges offer students the option to take the first two years of their program at a local community college, and then be assured that all of their credits will transfer over to the university. If your state college or university offers this, talk to the admissions department to find out how to go about getting involved.

Work experience and internships also can become credits towards an early graduation. If you’re learning new skills and knowledge on the job, it can be applied towards your degree. To learn more about how this works, visit us at You may be closer to graduation than you think.


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